We present eight exhibitions annually of professional artists' work in our galleries with opening receptions for each.  Our exhibiting artists are also available during these exhibition openings for one-on-one opportunities for questions and answers about their creative process. The Galleries are free and open to our community because of our incredible individual and corporate support.  To submit for an exhibition, see Submission Guidelines.  

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Glass and Serigraphs

Works by Thomas Kite and Daryl Bunn

Main & Community Galleries


March 31 - May 26, 2017

Opening reception – March 31, 2017 from 6-8pm


Left: "Untitled" by Daryl Bunn, serigraph, 29" x 22"
Right: "Transmarginal Inhibition" by Thomas Kite, glass, 10" x 6" x 2"

Main Gallery: Join us in the main gallery for the installation of glass work by Thomas Kite and a collection of serigraphs by Daryl Bunn. Although both artists have different artistic disciplines, the rich primary colors of abstraction in Thomas Kite's glass installations balance perfectly with Daryl Bunn's bold black lines and contrasting yellow and red geometric shapes. The Glass & Serigraphs Exhibition can be viewed for purchases March 31 to May 26, 2017.







The Art of Healing Exhibition

Scene Gallery


March 31 – May 26, 2017 

Opening reception – March 31, 2017 from 6-8 PM



The Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach presents The Art of Healing Exhibition.  An exhibition celebrating the healing effects of the arts through music, art making and art interpretation. The exhibition will showcase children’s work from Art with a Heart in Healthcare, body painting portraits from Heather Aguilera’s Living Art Project, and Pablo Rivera’s photos of Sound Connections, the Cultural Center’s music therapy program for children with special abilities.  


Sound Connections:  Cultural Center’s Music Therapy Program

Pablo Rivera, well known Jacksonville photographer, has eloquently captured the beautiful faces of children from the Cultural Center’s music therapy program, Sound Connections. The Sound Connections program uses music as a therapeutic tool to improve life skills for those children with special abilities. This vital program has been a major educational component in the St. Johns School System for over ten years thanks to the Cultural Center. For the last ten years, over $500,000 has been raised through the Cultural Center to support the cost of staffing two certified music therapists, purchasing adaptive equipment, and managing the efficacy of the program. This exhibition will capture the powerful process of the healing arts and how it’s used to improve the physical, mental and emotional well-being of children in need.  Sound Connections is located in four public schools and provides free therapeutic services to over 200 children a year.

Heather’s Living Art

This project is to exhibit the transformational healing art of body painting by Heather Aguilera, with participants facing a variety of life/health challenges. The process of helping to heal through vibrant art applied to the body will be highlighted and shared with the community at the Cultural Center. One of the seven portraits include Alex, a young man diagnosed at 2 years old with an autoimmune diseases called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, which attacks the bile ducts that lead from the liver, and eventually cause liver failure. Alex’ portrait represents an Infinite Universe. Through Heather’s vision, Alex’s many scars became part of his Universe, his Medi-port became a planet, and his new liver, “The Gift of Life” through a transplant, became the largest glowing planet of all. The Portraits are photographed by Addison Fitzgerald and exhibited along with the life stories and experiences shared by selected participants that are on the journey to heal. 

Inside the Outline: Art with a Heart in Healthcare

Inside the Outline presents a contemporary approach on a century-old technique. Art with a Heart is a nonprofit that provides personalized fine art experiences to enhance the healing process for patients and families at Wolfson Children's Hospital and many more healthcare facilities in Jacksonville. For this exhibition, each artist started with a question, “What makes you happy?” To answer this question, patients render their likenesses in the form of silhouettes. Painted on canvases, patients delve into their inner psyches to express their personalities, stories, and identities in two-dimensional form. Patients partner with an artist-in-residence who helps bring out their natural talents and expands their art-making skills while promoting self-confidence and self-awareness during their hospital experience.



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Fluidity and Nature's Beauty, Life's Pleasures 

Works by Sharon Goldman, Doug Gerhart, Judy Gerhart 

Main and Community Galleries

 June 2 - July 7, 2017

Reception June 2nd, at 6:00 PM



Left: "Splashdown" by Sharon Goldman, oil on canvas

Middle: "Sunrise" by Judy Gerhart, oil on canvas, 24" x 36"

Right: "Shell Hunting" by Doug Gerhart, oil on canvas, 48" x 48"

Join us in the main and community galleries for the oil works by Sharon Goldman, Judy Gerhart, and Doug Gerhart. The works are set in beautiful natural settings such as beaches and springs. Works can be viewed for purchases June 2 to July 7, 2017.




Juried Members Show 2017

Works by the First Coast Pastel Society

Scene Gallery

 June 2 - July 7, 2017

"The Joy is to Lean" by Renee Faure, pastel

Join us in the Scene Gallery for the installation of pastel works by the First Coast Pastel Society. Works can be viewed June 2 to July 7, 2017.







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